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Starter Sets

Limited edition summer bundles

Outshine plain water with new sunny sips & bottles.

Build your starter set

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Bottles starting at$32.00

Classic Bottles - Your everyday hydration companion

Make hydration fun with our colorful, lightweight, and shatter-proof Tritan™ bottles.

Gen 2 Bottles - The best just got better

A bottle that solves healthy hydration and taste, leaving much less to worry about.

Steel Bottles - Where elegance and ruggedness meet

Go further, harder, faster - and then reward yourself with ice-cold, scent-flavored water.

Which bottle suits you?


Gen 2

The best bottle yet

Starting at: $44.99

21oz or 33oz

Tritan™ Renew 50 with 50% certified recycled content.

1 color available

Easy lid opening/closing. Quick refill adapter system.



Started it all

Starting at: $39.99


Tritan™ Renew 50 with 50% certified recycled content.

7 colors available

Multiple colors available. Classic design.



Keeps water cold

Starting at: $59.99

16oz or 28oz

Stainless Steel (#304)

2 colors available

Keeps water cold for up to 14 hours. Quick refill adapter system. Premium look.

*Based on comparative pricing of Spindrift, July '23.
Source: air up® Sustainability Hub.