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all about air up®

our story (so far, that is!)


from thesis to thirst revolution

Picture this: The year is 2016. Soda and sugary beverages are the name of the game—as commonplace as cars (or seemingly so, anyway). The Mannequin Challenge is all over social media. Lip kits abound. And wellness, while undoubtedly a growing movement, has yet to reach its fever-pitch of popularity.

Meanwhile, two German university students meet on campus for the hundredth time, steadily plugging away at their goal of bringing an unprecedented prototype to life, as part of their final university project. The thesis: Neuroscience meets design. The impetus: To make the world a healthier place, by tackling poor nutrition—inadequate hydration, to be exact.

That initial prototype was the very first model of the air up® bottle—and those two students were Lena Jüngst and Tim Jäger, air up®’s original co-creators. They knew they stumbled upon something special—something revolutionary—and decided to take the leap to bring the concept to market.

Tapping renowned experts in food technology, nutrition, and business—Michelin Star Chef Fabian Schlang; business economist Jannis Koppitz; and serial entrepreneur Simon Nüesch—the team brought the flavors to life and the technology to fruition. And in 2020, Christian Hauth joined as co-CEO to grow the company (which now boasts nearly 300 talented team members across the globe).

That story brings us to today. But the thing is, it’s still incomplete—the adventure has just begun, and our journey continues to be written. So, thanks for being here. We’re honored to have you.

The air up® team