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Work at air up®


The air up® family is always growing. And it’s no wonder. There are so many reasons why working at air up is different to other companies, and it’s not just because we only hire fun people (which we definitely do).

Convinced? Awesome. These are your next steps to becoming part of the air up® family:

✔️ Apply Online

Apply for our open positions here. Don’t see anything that floats your boat? Send us a speculative application! We might have just the role for you.

✔️ Get to Know Us Virtually

After your application, we’ll get to know you a little better with a video call. You can tell us more about yourself and we will give you exciting insights into our company and culture.

✔️ A taste of your skills

Now we’re getting to the exciting part... In a short video call from the comfort of your home, you can tell us a bit about your knowledge and experience. You can also ask us anything about the company and product. Easy!

✔️ Meet your colleagues

You know a bit about us now, but there’s still more to discover. We’d love to introduce you to your future colleagues – otherwise known as air uppies – during our Peer Sessions!

✔️ We Want You!

We hope that you’re as excited about working with us as we are about working with you, so we’ll ask for your autograph - on your permanent contract.

✔️ Welcome Aboard

We can’t wait to have you on the team and are looking forward to getting started. Exciting times lie ahead.


Don’t be. We’re a friendly bunch, we promise! We try to have a relaxed environment in our interview process and don’t want to scare you off. We’ll do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable.

Worried about what to wear?

Whatever you’re most comfortable in is perfect for us. Onesies and suits are as welcome as jeans and trainers (we will probably be dressed in the latter).

Open Positions - US

Open Positions - Europe

Open Positions - Working Students

Open Positions - Freelancers