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you already know water is good for you.

That’s not what this page is about. (Besides, guilt trips aren’t our thing.)

That said, we do want to take time to explain some of the less-obvious benefits, both personal and planetary, that can come with starting your air up® journey.


flavor without the fine print.

Water is just about the healthiest thing we can consume. But plain water can get boring. This is where we come in: Our one-of-a-kind drinking system provides an entirely novel flavor experience that allows you to drink plain water, but experience the flavor of a tasty beverage—all through scent alone. That means you experience unique, lasting flavor without the sugary taste (or gross mouthfeel) that comes along with conventional flavored beverages. No sugar, no calories, no BS—ever.


the choice is always yours.

You’re in control. It’s that simple. Still or sparkling water, fizzy or flat—our technology works with whatever H2O floats your boat. With the air up® system, you’re only ever drinking what you put in, which allows for a fully customized experience. All of our flavor pods contain natural flavors, extracted from fruits, plants, and spices. Crafted by a renowned European flavor house, each pod is custom-blended to provide the ultimate taste experience.


hydration on tap.

All you need to start hydrating with our system is good old tap water—easy and accessible. Designed to encourage an ethos of reducing waste while increasing water consumption, our reusable bottles and long-lasting flavor pods keep you hydrating in style.


only the best. inside and out.

Each component of the air up® bottle is made from the highest-quality materials. The bottles themselves are made from BPA-free Tritan™. You can rest assured that we put your safety first.