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make scents of the science

Dig deeper into the method behind the magic.

you said retronasal what now?!

air up® is so much more than a water bottle—it’s a hydration revolution. Our one-of-a-kind drinking system transports carefully-crafted “flavors” through the mouth to the olfactory receptors, where your brain perceives the smell as taste.

Scientists call this concept “retronasal smell,” which basically means tasting with the nose. Still with us? The main takeaway here is that with air up®, you can make plain water taste like your favorite flavors, without adding any of the traditional additives found in conventional flavored drinks. Magic, but make it real.

first up: let’s explore how the system works.


Still or sparkling water—the choice is yours.


Pop on a flavor pod, and pull up to activate.


Boom! Sip plain water, but experience flavor.

now let’s dig deeper into the science, shall we?

So, here’s the thing about taste: Science shows that 80%* of what we perceive as flavor is actually derived from what we’re smelling.

Many of us assume that taste is something we sense with our tongues—but in reality, the tongue is only responsible for a portion of our experience.

The majority of taste actually comes from our olfactory receptors—part of our anatomy that plays a central role in our sense of smell—where the brain ultimately interprets scents as flavor. Wild, right? The technical term for this concept is “retronasal smell”.

*National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication

okay, enough talking—let’s get sipping!

All of this sound too good to be true? Don’t just take our word for it. Experience the magic for yourself with our customizable starter set.