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About us

Creating an easy, more attractive way to hydrate.

Our journey

Our 5 founders (Tim, Lena, Simon, Fabian and Jannis) turn a bachelor thesis into a company called air up®. 

The first air up® bottles and 5 flavours were born and introduced to the German market – they sold out! 80k starter sets were gone in just 6 weeks! 

The Corona pandemic hit, transforming us into a remote-first company. Meanwhile, our journey took us to new markets as we started selling in Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, and France.

We enter the Swiss, Italian, and UK markets. We also become profitable just two years after selling our first bottle! 

The United States and Sweden get their first taste of air up® as we enter those markets. Meanwhile, our Steel bottle launches, we host a summer party at Villa Flora with special guest Anja Blacha (the youngest German to climb all Seven Summits), AND we win at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 Germany awards in the category Junge Unternehmen.


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As it stands, air up® consists of more than 300 air uppies across 40+ nationalities! Over 2 million customers are experiencing scent-based taste, with 15 different flavors available and 100s of colorful ways to individualize a bottle!

In order to produce our products closer to home, we’re extremely proud to have opened a pod production facility in Turkey and two new warehouses in France and the UK. All in Q4 of 2021.

Oh, and this is just the start… 🚀

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