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3 pcs4 gal

Cherry-Cola pods

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air up® Cherry Cola flavor pods (3-pack) — Vintage treat

A sweet treat and blast from the past, Retro Reload brings that vintage Cherry Cola taste we all love with every sip. So, let’s jump back to the arcades and blast that ‘game over’ screen into oblivion with Cherry Cola Pods! This 3-pack of Pods transforms at least 4 gallons of water into the taste of Cherry Cola, or add sparkling water to gain access to the bonus level! Ready to set a new high score?

What's inside?

3 air up® flavor pods

With these air up® pods you have ~4 gal of flavored water.


23 refills

of the air up® 22oz tritan bottle

enough for ~4 gallons of water

this lasts up to 10 days*

*assuming consumption of 50oz per day, a 3 pod pouch will last about 10 days

Ingredients: Natural Flavor

  • 0 Calories
  • 0 Sugar or sweeteners
  • 0 Artificial flavors
  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets


  • Up to 88% less plastic waste than single-use plastic bottles
  • Up to 99% more transport efficient than drinks sold in single-use plastic bottles

our impact

Note: Store flavor pods in a dry and cool place. Designed to be used exclusively with the air up® hydration system. air up® flavor pods are not to be refilled or altered.