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Favorite Five variety pod pack

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air up® Favorite Five variety pod pack (5-pack) — Taste Test

It’s always good to broaden your horizons. Starring five of our most beloved scent flavors—watermelon, peach, raspberry-lemon, wild berry, and orange-vanilla swirl—this curated mix makes it easy to keep your nose on its toes.

These 5 Pods give you 6.6 gal of great-tasting water. No sugar. No calories.

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what's inside?

5 air up® flavor pods
You'll get about 6.6 gallons of flavored water with these air up® pods.


  • 0 calories
  • 0g sugar
  • No artificial colors, flavors, dyes, preservatives, or sweeteners
  • Pesticide-free


Natural flavors (and good vibes).

Note: Store flavor pods in a dry and cool place. Designed to be used exclusively with the air up® hydration system. air up® flavor pods are not to be refilled or altered.