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Man sips from air up steel bottle activating a scent flavor experience
Man sips from air up steel bottle activating a scent flavor experience

scent-flavor, meet steel...

new steel bottles in 16 oz & 28 oz. that's ice-cold.

scent-flavored hydration. now cooooler than ever!

16oz: for the smaller, everyday adventures.

Our 16oz bottle is perfect for quick, on-the-go hydration. Insulated to keep your water colderrrr for longerrr, and a new adaptor system for lightning-fast refills!

28oz: for life's big, exciting adventures.

The huge capacity of our 28oz bottle makes it the perfect sidekick for big adventures where refilling ain’t so simple. You know, road trips, hikes, shopping sprees, etc.


water flavored with scent. kept cold with steel.

Our mission is to make water more exciting. How? Through the power of scent. Sounds sciency, but it’s simple: you sip plain water but taste flavors like blueberry or peach. And with our new 16oz and 28oz insulated stainless steel bottles, your exciting sips stay nice and cold.

Scent-flavored water meets ice-cold steel. Our new steel bottles are crafted with insulated steel to keep your water crisp and cool — no matter your adventures. A new adaptor system makes for speedy refills and easier cleans. So, where will you take it?

how can you taste by scent? let us explain...

As you sip your water, your nose takes in the aroma of our scented Pod. Your brain perceives this as flavour. So while you drink pure water, you experience taste. No sugar. Just science.

Yes. Our scented Pods (which come in over 10 flavors like Cherry or Peach) transform plain water into tasty water.

All our Pods contain only natural flavors and are vegetarian and vegan.

We make water taste like something, without adding anything. No sugar, calories, or additives. This is healthy hydration!


loved by 5 million sippers, and counting!


Join millions of other sippers who are staying hydrated and enjoying drinking water, all thanks to air up®.

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common questions

Orders over $59.99 ship for free. For all other orders, our standard shipping cost is $7.99. 

Orders are processed Monday - Friday, apart from US holidays. Our goal is to deliver orders placed before 11 AM EST within 2-4 business days. PO Boxes may take an additional 2-3 days to arrive.  

Our pods are designed to flavor approximately 1.3 gallons of water, or 7 refills of our 20 oz bottle. 

air up®’s flavor intensity varies based on several factors; the formula of the specific flavor, age of the pod, and each of our personal taste composition (reminder, taste is personal, and we don’t all experience it the same way).

air up® flavor pods contain natural flavors that are extracted from plants, fruits, and spices.