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friends embrace with scent flavored water bottle
friends embrace with scent flavored water bottle

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Curated gift sets to check off your list.

Take a sip of plain water from your air up®️ bottle and let the science of retronasal smell kick into action.

Natural flavors are transported through your mouth up to your nose, where your brain interprets the scent as flavor.

You drink plain water, but experience flavors like cucumber, orangeade, and mango-passion fruit. Think of it as tasting with your nose.

Here for the holidays


cherry & bright

Party for one? Check. The ultimate present to gift a loved one's spirits, cherry & bright features a chic Pearl White bottle, Hot Pink bottle strap, and a pack of our Cherry pods. In other words, all the necessities required to start (and sleigh!) the scent-flavored hydration journey in style. Cheers!

Holiday Promotion Price: $39.99 

($49.98 value)


berry all the way

Festive and flavorful, berry all the way stars a trio of our most popular scent flavors—Wild Berry, Blueberry, and Cherry—plus a sleek Charcoal Gray bottle and Ocean Blue bottle strap. Perfect for those who love a fruity finish, it delivers all the sweetness with none of the sugar. Brrr-illiant.

Holiday Promotion Price: $49.99 

($57.97 value)


naughty list

Rebel without a Claus? naughty list is a must-have. Featuring three decadent flavors—Orange-Vanilla Swirl, Mango-Passion Fruit, and Raspberry-Lemon—along with our new festive green bottle, it's the gift that turns even the biggest resting Grinch face into a smile of wonder.

Holiday Promotion Price: $59.99 

($75.97 value)


dashing duo

Feeling twice as nice? This holiday set is the ultimate way to make it rein, deer! Whether you're shopping for friends or lovers, the dashing duo has all the scent flavor essentials for a Santa-mental moment: Two new bottle colors, and Apple, Lemon, and Peach pods.

Holiday Promotion Price: $79.99 

($97.97 value)


loved by 4+ million sippers globally

air up® is the one-of-a-kind present that breathes new life into the holidays, turning tired traditions into special memories that last a lifetime. It's no coincidence that millions across the globe have already made the switch to scent flavor: After one sip, it's clear our drinking system isn't just another water bottle, or some fancy method of hydrating—it's a mind-blowing sensory experience, a way to make daily hydration more magical (and less mundane). Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.


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