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100% water. 100% pleasure.


Individual pleasure, collective responsibility.

Offering an attractive solution while limiting the use of resources is what inspired us to develop our system. Thanks to our reusable bottle and a pack of three air up® pods, you get the equivalent of around 4 gallons of flavored water. This represents the equivalent of 30 single-use 16.9oz plastic bottles. Doing the math, it's 88% less plastic—a pack of 3 pods represents 35g compared to around 300g for thirty 16.9oz bottles.


Tap Water Desired.

With air up®, you only need tap water for the magic to work! Thanks to our system, your water bottle, once filled and equipped with a pod, allows you to enjoy delicious drinks using running water. Why is it awesome? The environmental impact of tap water can be between 1400 and 3500 times lower than that of bottled water*. It's also more economical, so it's good for your wallet.

*Health and environmental impacts of drinking water choices in Barcelona, Spain: A modelling study (2021)