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Coming to the USA this summer

A Water Revolution

Meet air up®. The world's first scent flavored hydration system. Water made tasty. Hydration made easy.

So, what is scent flavored hydration?

air up®️ unlocks taste through scent alone. It’s part of a water revolution, with an added touch of style and splash of German innovation for good measure.

The air up®️ drinking system allows you to sip plain water, but experience a taste sensation of cherry, peach, and many more flavors.

It's as simple as 1-2-3. Connect a Flavor Pod to the air up®️ bottle, fill with water, and sip.

By tricking your brain through your sense of smell, air up®️ transforms your plain (or sparkling) water into a tasty experience.

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Loved by millions of sippers worldwide

I have been drinking far too many carbonated soft drinks, and now that is minimal because of air up. A truly excellent product, quality build and the technology of flavoring is great. I am now drinking mainly water throughout the day.

I particularly like the way the pod can be popped back in the pouch to be used on another day, and then I can swap flavors around.

- Darren

Absolutely surpassed all expectations. I don't drink enough water at all and thought this would work for me, and it really did! I always have my bottle close by now, and my water intake is through the roof.

- Michael

I never drink water, but with these pods it’s changed the game! Can’t wait to try more flavors🍑

- Isabel

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